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About us

Ömer Karakuş Design and Application Office

Born in Ankara in 1989, Ömer Karakuş graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering of Atatürk University in 2011. In the same year, he started his graduate education at the Institute of Science, Project Management at Kültür University. With his thesis titled öneril Poor Quality Problems in Construction Industry and Solution Approaches ünde, he developed solutions and detailed solutions to problems in the sector. ITU Architecture Department lecturer Prof.Dr. Some of the solution suggestions of the thesis which was carried out under the supervision of Twitter Crete were accepted by the relevant ministers and other sector representatives and some of the solutions were implemented. While working on his Master's degree, he worked on "Real Estate Appraisal Techniques" and gave consultancy to real estate purchases to many companies. He won the right to study abroad during his university years, but he chose to work in Istanbul because he built his future plans on interior design.He worked in the construction site of Kirazlı Metro Construction Site in Doğuş Holding, and then in the construction site of the Prime Ministry Ottoman Archives in Kağıthane. In 2014 he founded Mrv Yapı Architecture Company. VitrA I started a joint work with Artema and started to make turnkey bathroom renovations and decorations. Again in the same period, Ömer Karakuş, who turned to kitchen designs with his own brand, established his own skillful team. he started to design and implement turnkey home decorations with demands from his customers. In 2018, he created a professional team of 15 people who designed dozens of houses, villas, offices, clinics, cafes and restaurants in many cities of our country. In the same year, the company changed its name to Ömer Karakuş Mimarlık. During his 8-year career, he specialized in the coordination, design and implementation of projects. Currently, he carries out office, house, villa, cafe, restaurant, clinical design and applications in his office in Bakırköy. He is married and has two children.

We are delighted to carry out the fit-out office projects that serve the business owner in the fastest way from the rental period to the all-spiritual and physical needs of the employees. They need to understand the needs of a company, business execution techniques, interdepartmental relationships and hierarchical structure, and how they should be located in a place, to their social areas.In the design of a restaurant or café, delivering from project stage to napkins and salt shakers is the most important issue both for our customers' commercial success and for us. From the food concept to the customer base, everything from the service concept to the location needs to be analyzed very accurately. As a result, all the processes of an investment made to earn money should be designed so that we do not leave our work to chance. In this way, we keep the brand under protection by anticipating the problems that may arise during operation. Again, when designing a clinic, it is very important for both the physician, the patient and the employees to have the whole movement system designed from the time the patients step up to the procedures of their doctors. What remains of a patient feeling in that place rather than what he does in that clinic. Creating non-hospital places that make you feel like you are at home is one of these issues. The use of fit-out logic in corporate offices, cafes, restaurants and clinics has been very successful. Again, we are delivering the spaces to our customers in the fastest way with the business execution and application techniques we developed while carrying out these projects. In addition to all of these, our living spaces are designed correctly, our bathroom, our kitchen reflects our perspective on life makes people feel peaceful. People cannot make long-term plans in places where they do not feel themselves while sitting in our lounge. Our aim is to create quality places where children and parents can live a happy, peaceful life together.